Ph.D Thesis Guidelines

Candidate shall not be allowed to submit to the University the thesis produced by him/her for its evaluation unless he/she has

1. (a) Published at least two research papers in referred Journal out of which one paper should be international with 0.8IF before the submission of the thesis or monograph for adjudication and produce evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint. One research paper required to be published should be as per citation Index. Copies of the Publications out of the Ph.D. work should be attached.

1. (b)The student should mention his/her name along with Suresh Gyan Vihar University in the paper published by him/her.

1. (c) Made before the DRC, a pre-Ph.D. presentation of his/her research work which would be attended by the teachers and research scholars. The comments from expert(s), if any, are incorporated in the draft thesis.

1. (d) Student has to submit the soft copy of thesis for plagiarism check to the Research Department of the University before pre-Ph.D. DRC approval. The maximum limit for plagiarism is 30% w.e.f., July 2013.

2.Minimum registration period

No full time candidate shall be permitted to submit his/her thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree before the expiry of a period of eighteen months from the date of his/her registration and not before the expiry of thirty months if he/she is a part time candidate for the programme.

3.Maximum registration period

No full time candidate shall be permitted to submit his/her thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree after the expiry of a period of four years from the date of his/her registration and if he/she is a part time candidate, after the expiry of a period of five years from the date of his/her registration. However, this period shall be six years in case of a teacher candidate.

4. Course work

(a)Each student, including a part-time student after having been admitted, shall be required to undertake & clear course work to be treated as pre-Ph.D. preparation.

(b)The University may allow or require a part-time student to carry out the course work of one semester in any institution/sister Department within or outside the University, provided that such a student shall have to appear in the examination conducted by the University at the end of such course work semester.

5. A student should submit to the Dean Research four printed copies of his /her thesis along with two soft copies to the University.

6.The thesis shall be submitted in English.

7. A 'no dues' certificate duly signed by the Head of the Department, library, finance department, Hostel Warden and Sports Officer, has to be submitted along with the thesis.

8. The Supervisor has furnished a certificate verifying that the thesis contains substantial original work of the candidate along with panel of examiner.

9. The supervisor shall, before three months of the likely date of submission of thesis by the candidate, prepare and suggest to the President, a panel of eight evaluators from outside the University not below the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent position in State/Central University/National Laboratories/Research Centers established by ICAR/ICMR/CSIR etc. The panel of eight evaluation may include minimum two evaluation from top national level institutions like IIT/NIT/IIM etc. (including adequate details regarding designation, full postal and e-mail addresses, basic and cell-phone numbers, field of expertise etc.). The panel shall include not less than three names of experts from outside the State. If necessary, the President may call for additional name(s) for the panel from the supervisor. The supervisor shall give a certificate to the effect that the names suggested in the panel are not close relatives either of the supervisor himself or of the candidate. The panel of experts shall be accompanied by three hard copies of the brief summary of the thesis.

10. The President shall appoint two external examiners out of which at least one shall be from outside the State or even the country from out of the panel submitted by the supervisor.

11. The appointed external examiner shall submit the evaluation report on the basis of which one examiner will be appointed as the expert to conduct the viva voce.